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Shirt cufflinks how to use

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Cufflinks is what? Cufflinks is used in cufflinks shirt cuff buttons on the part instead of the size of its ordinary buttons are almost the same, but because of the exquisite material and shape, more is to play a decorative role, inadvertently, let Man originally drab tuxedo and suit scenery. Known that wearing ceremonial etiquette is cuffs reveal a section of shirt, imagine, a high-quality, exquisite workmanship suits, show shirt ordinary plastic buttons shirt, it seems a little regrettable, and a chic cufflinks not only Can make up for this regret, but also lining the suit sparkling, highlighting the owner's subtle restrained gifted men charm.

Shirt cufflinks how to use

Cufflinks how to use

Ordinary button shirt cuff is a ring buckle, if the cuff contact with the skin is called A side, the other side is called the B side, then use the button cuff is side A side and the other side B contact and fixed.

French cuffs are different, the cuffs on both sides of the negative contact with each other, so that is not a ring, but a little "6" type of effect. The use of cufflinks, is to connect the cufflinks, "button" part of the needle from the back of the cuff that side wear, and then from the palm side of the cuff piercing, and fixed. This will ensure that your hand is in the most natural palms down state, the cufflinks "button" part rather than "needle" part of the show. Note that shirt cuffs should be exposed suit cufflinks an inch, that is, leaving 2 ~ 75px length. The company is located in:

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