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Men's shirt cufflinks appreciate the details of the most moving

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This refers to the shirt cufflinks, not the nail we generally nail in the cuffs, but with a French double-fold cufflinks or buckle chain. This highly decorative cufflinks, like a woman's earrings, with its expensive material, creative style as the best endorsement of many personal qualities of elite men, so that men in the gestures pass through a unique taste .

Men's shirt cufflinks appreciate the details of the most moving

Since it is with French-style sleeves, you have to look at the French-sleeves and general shirt sleeves What is the difference. General shirt sleeves are single-layer cuffs, cuffs on both sides of the stack up and down, cufflinks fixed in the lower sleeve, buttonhole opened in the upper sleeve, buckle buttons can be fixed cuffs, cufflinks generally do not dismantle; and the classic French Sleeve is double folding cuffs (also simplified to a single layer), the cuffs only buttonhole without a fixed button, cuffs on both sides of the stack, with a buckle or chain buckle fixed, therefore, buckle or buckle chain with the occasion, like at random Replacement, with. Because the French sleeve shirt is more decorative than the average shirt, also appears to be more grand, formal, so the general materials, workmanship is more stress, better quality, and dedicated to the cufflinks, most of the natural material senior, the price is not Philippine.

This cufflinks, can be made of precious metals, such as gold, platinum, silver; also can use all kinds of precious stones, such as ruby, sapphire, crystal, pearl, agate; there are animal bones, teeth and other rare materials, different materials to convey Different temperament, such as gold gorgeous, elegant silver, precious stones, pearl gentle, bone teeth are slightly unruly. As for the shape, in addition to the volume is relatively fixed, the form can be infinitely infinite, square inch, provides the infinite possibilities for the wearer's personality. Use, in addition to personal preferences, but also pay attention to the overall costumes and occasions with the match, in addition, should also be based on personal image characteristics to choose from.

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